COCO FIBER is a coarse fiber extracted from the fibrous outer shell of a coconut. The coir fiber is relatively water-proof and is one of few natural fibers resistant to damage by salt water.

Coir fiber is used in floormats and doormats, automobile dashboard, brushes, sleeping mattresses, and for use in erosion control on river banks and hillsides as geotextile. Coir Fiber pads are sprayed with rubber latex which bonds the fibers together (rubberized coir) to be used as upholstery padding for the automobile industry in Europe. The material is also used for insulation and packaging.

Specification :

Moisture Content Maximum
: 18 %
Impurity Content
: 5 %
Length of coconut fiber
: 5-10 cm Max 40 % and 10-20 cm Min 60 %
: Light Brown
: 85 Kg/Ball