Pure From the Heart 

Pupuk Tulus is organic fertilizer which consist of cocopeat and other organic ingredients. Cocopeat is produced from coconut husk that has many suitable characteristics for the used as growing medium. It is a homogeneous material composed of millions of capillary micro sponges that absorb and hold up water to nine (9) times its own mass. Therefore cocopeat has ability to retain quantity of oxygen to improve the structure of the soil to support the growth of plant roots. Pupuk Tulus composed of pure organic ingredients without any mixture of soil and other chemicals. it also contains microorganism that nourish the soil and plant growth . With the characteristic of water holding capacity, pupuk Tulus require less watering dan less frequent fertilizing. Pupuk Tulus organic fertilizer is suitable for hydroponic, seedling nurseries, horticulture and landscaping.

C- Organic
: 18% - 35%
C/N Ratio
: 10 – 15
: 6.8 – 7.5

cocopeat fertilizer