Pure From the Heart 

Tulus Fertilizer is an organic fertilizer consisting of coco peat raw material, shell charcoal and pure organic material without soil mixture. also contains microorganisms that fertilize the soil and plant growth. Coco peat raw material is produced from coconut fiber which has many characteristics that are suitable for use as a planting medium.

Coco peat is a homogeneous material consisting of millions of micro capillary sponges that absorb and hold water up to nine (9) times their own mass. Tulus fertilizer has the characteristic of being able to accommodate more water capacity, Tulus fertilizer requires less watering and less fertilization, sincere fertilizer is able to maintain the quantity of oxygen to improve soil structure to support plant root growth. Organic Sincere Fertilizer is suitable for grafts, nurseries, nurseries, golf courses, horticulture cultivation, landscape, Hydroponic Wick System and Fertigation.

C- Organic
: 35% - 53%
C/N Ratio
: 15 – 20
: 5.8 – 7.5

certified organic fertilizer
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